Maica Llavero

Project Manager

University degree in Pharmacy and Masters degree in Biomedicine, both by the University of Barcelona (UB, Spain). PhD in Molecular Neuroscience by The University of Edinburgh (2013-2017, Edinburgh, UK)

Maica spent 6 years working as a researcher in The Roslin Institute (Edinburgh, UK), first as a PhD candidate and secondly as a postdoctoral research fellow. Her research focused on the discovery of potential drug targets and biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases. During her time in academia Maica participated in more than 10 biomedical research projects in collaboration with international universities. Some of this work has been presented in various conferences and published in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. Further to this, she developed experience in the identification and preparation of grant proposals to grow her team as well as to expand her research.

In 2018 Maica moved her career towards innovation management for the private sector and worked for 2 years as a consultant in London City. She assisted UK companies (mainly SME and start-ups) in obtaining innovation funding via public grants and R&D tax claims. She developed experience working with the biotech, med-tech, AI and software sectors. Further to this, she led the project management activities and client portfolio of the Innovation team.

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