Saskia Pelzer

Project Manager

Research Master in Political Science from University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain) and Bachelor degree in Social and Cultural Sciences from the European University Viadrina (Frankfurt, Germany).

Saskia started her career working as a research assistant at the department of political sociology and the department of economic and social geography at the European University Viadrina. Her primary research focus is centered on social inequalities, equality rights, environmental studies, and policy strategies.

Saskia has been managing various research projects as Project Manager primarily, but not exclusively, in the private sector with various topics in the field of healthcare, politics, business, environment and marketing for clients such as PwC, Bayer, GfK. She also has a broad experience in designing research studies and questionnaires, managing and evaluating data and writing reports thereof. She is also volunteering as Project Manager for the equality project FEM_EU, under the umbrella of the AROA Foundation at Barcelona and undergoing a Postgraduate degree in Journalism at the London School of Journalism. Saskia is Project Manager for the IMI 2 JU funded project EU-PEARL.

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