We contribute to grow an innovative research idea and turn it into a successful project even beyond its lifespan

We participate in the conception, launch, implementation, and sustainability of multi-stakeholder projects, mainly linked to information technology and biomedical research, including drug design and development and post-marketing surveillance. Our expertise focuses on:

  • Identification of calls for innovation and research initiatives in Europe.
  • Development of strong and competitive project proposals.
  • Build-up of Consortia and establishment of partnership alliances.
  • Explore and secure adequate funding through public grants and in-kind contributions.
  • Set up and management of the project and consortium governance.
  • Efficient project implementation in pursue of its objectives and goals.
  • Final reporting and closure of the project.
  • Planning of the post-project phase: sustainability and exploitation of results.


We make knowledge flow within international multi-stakeholder partnerships so that we can all learn, share and operate more efficiently.

Through our experience, we turn information into knowledge. We ensure that critical knowledge is properly identified, created (or acquired), reviewed, shared and used in a smart and efficient way across all project components. Besides internal expertise, we bring tested and trusted tools and processes to turn knowledge management into a real asset.


We support academia in EMA’s procedures and deal with managerial aspects related to applications.

We advise academic bodies on the different European Medicines Agency (EMA) procedures. As a registered SME, we also lead the management aspects of different procedures and applications submitted to EMA including the administrative activities and meetings with the Agency representatives.


We help disseminate relevant results for the advancement of science and communicate innovation, value, and positive change for society

We participate in biomedical research initiatives which are innovative and transformational. They often imply deep changes which affect not only scientific, clinical, or patient communities, but also health authorities, policy makers, governments, industry, and society as a whole. Communicating the relevance and impact of each initiative and disseminating its results are key to ensure the endorsement and adoption of novel frameworks. 


We work closely with our partners to make sure that the achieved impact outlives the project itself once the funding period is over.

Far-reaching transformational projects need to plan well ahead its future sustainability. Thus, we assist partners to establish ongoing dialogue with existing and potential stakeholders and end-users during the project.  We also engage in business planning and exploitation of results for commercial purposes or in public policymaking to help turn the results into actual policies.


We promote continuous learning and offer research and project management training courses.

Knowledge and experience-based training courses addressed to researchers and managers working in European projects have a direct impact in the overall performance of the organisation. We share our expertise and practical knowledge through a variety of courses which also touch on tested project management methods and techniques. 

“All that I saw and learned was a new delight to me”