Share to be aware: Supporting RSV Awareness week campaign 2022

November marks the start of the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) peak season in Europe with a progressive rise in infections rate to reach epidemic status by mid winter. Even though, around 33 million children are diagnosed with RSV infection every year worldwide and over 3 million cases require hospitalisation, many people are not familiar with this disease, including healthcare professionals. RESCEU project has generated valuable new evidence on the burden of RSV infections, not only in infant population, but also in older adults, specially those with underlying conditions. It has also established risk factors, shedded new light on after-effects of RSV infection and advance on the identification of biomarkers.

As partners in two IMI projects focusing on RSV (RESCEU and PROMISE), we join the whole community during RSV awareness week and invite you to follow both initiatives on social media. Behind facts and figures, there are personal stories of those severely touched by this disease. Discover them on this Twitter thread or LinkedIn post.Please watch the videos gathered by PROMISE Patient Advisory Board and “Share to be aware”!