As part of Teamit Research, Teamit Institute specialises in the scientific management of multinational drug safety and pharmacoepidemiology research

Teamit Institute is a spin-off of Teamit Research, created to to integrate and consolidate the experience acquired in the management of pharmacoepidemiology initiatives. Today Teamit Institute offers a wide range of services to support the generation of real world evidence for the evaluation and supervision of medicines and the use of innovative research methodologies. Moreover, Teamit Institute is committed to the creation and development of strong partnerships in the area of pharmacoepidemiology for the advancement of global health.

At Teamit Institute, we:

Provide expertise in the coordination, governance and business development of multi-stakeholder international networks specialised in the area of pharmacoepidemiology.

Participate in the management
of pharmacoepidemiology
and drug safety studies.

Support research organisations in
the management of EMA
regulatory procedures

Our team offers a unique combination of scientific knowledge and management expertise to help research networks develop their full potential, manage their research and seize arising opportunities. 

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Currently, we are part of and manage the following research networks: