Teamit moves to a new office to accommodate its growing team

Teamit Research has recently inaugurated its new offices at Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) in Sant Pau modernist site. The company has seen its team grow steadily over the past 18 months and was looking to expand its working space without renouncing to the stunning historical location of Sant Pau in Barcelona. “Besides a larger workforce, the demand to come regularly to the office in these beautiful surroundings has also increased considerably as COVID-19 is more under control.” explains Martina Spadetto, head of Management at Teamit Research.  

The company has now moved to Sant Leopold pavilion, also managed by Barcelona Health Hub. This new location can now accommodate all staff members, even though the company has a hybrid work policy and employees can choose to work remotely on regular basis. “Still, the collaborative nature of our work benefits from face-to-face meetings and brainstorming sessions” highlights Spadetto.  

With nearly 20 employees, Teamit participates in partnerships for complex and innovative international research projects and studies in the areas of biomedicine, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance.  

Meet our growing team 

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